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Mar 20 2012

Fruity Loops and Arrowheads

One of the features of any network is the appearance of motifs, patterns (sub-graphs) that recur within a network much more often than expected at random. These small circuits can be considered as simple building blocks from which the network is composed. This analogy is quite useful, since many of these motifs would appear to […]

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Nov 02 2011

Reductionism and Complexity

The class I currently teach in generative medicine uses a content system called Blackboard. Blackboard allows me to upload material and pose questions to a forum-like discussion area. One of my students, upon reading the assignment in the textbook made the following comments: You talk about the division between classical science and naturopathic science, which […]

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Oct 29 2011

The Recipe Inside The Recipe

A n insignificant percentage of the total amount of DNA is devoted actual gene function. The most common protein recipe in the human genome is not even for a human protein, but rather an enzyme commonly used by viruses to copy them called reverse transcriptase, an essential part of the toolbox used by the AIDS […]

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