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Anti-aging at the Cellular Level. Natural approaches to Balance Cell Health

Cellular Health There are many long lasting stresses that we place on our bodies on a daily basis. These stresses, or insults, include: negative and anxious emotions, toxic chemicals, and environmental factors (sun damage, smog, etc.). Insults can take a significant toll on our bodies and cause us to age faster. Getting your bio-impedance test

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MTHFR and Methylation–what’s the hype?

There are many chronic conditions exacerbated by methylenetetrahydrofolate and reductase (MTHFR) and methylation, including cardiovascular conditions, infections, depression, and more. Methylation is a complicated process, but I will try to simplify it. Methylating is a method of adding a carbon molecule (CH3) to DNA. Adding a carbon molecule results in a gene or a particular

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