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Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health

In December, COE staff physician Dr. Robert Brody travelled to Panajachel, Guatemala with Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health (NMGH) to provide medical care to people in this poverty stricken area. NMGH is an organization that promotes naturopathic medicine as a feasible and costeffective means of healthcare in developing countries with a unique, sustainable health care

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Spring Detox

It’s official. Spring Is Here! Spring flowers breaking through the still cold earth are powerful evidence of rebirth. Warm sun pushing out the last vestiges of winter’s cold and longer days help us forget the season of darkness. Spring is truly a time of transformation and new beginnings. What better way to aid this transformation

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SWAMI Diet Software

The renowned author of a series of wildly successful nutrition books, including the New York Times bestseller Eat Right For Your Type, Dr. D’Adamo was beginning to see the limitations of the traditional static book format when it came to developing his brand of highly personalized diets. Now, books are OK when it comes to

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