Genetic Counseling for the 21st Century

Robert Brody, ND, MS

Opus 23 – Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo takes predictive medicine to greater heights.

The COE has been at the forefront of individualized medical care, we are constantly researching and collecting data in order to better serve our patients.  We understand that our patients are unique, and they look to the COE team for individualized health care.  This philosophy has been reflected over the last 20 years in the research of Dr. D’Adamo, who established the first personalized dietary system with the Blood Type Diet. He has continually refined this through adding in other elements of personalization and prediction, most recently with the SWAMI dietary software program, which creates a one of a kind diet for individuals based on their unique biochemical make up, combined with biometric markers and family history.  This fall, we will take the next step forward in personalization with the launch of Opus 23.

Opus 23 is a proprietary software program which will allow us to analyze raw genomic information (such as 23andMe data) to determine genetic mutations, in Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). SNPs (pronounced Snips) have gained publicity over the last three years with the discovery of methylation mutations that can cause a whole host of medica11817007_10152949962712703_4266761121501140223_nl problems. One of the large methylation mutations (MTHFR) requires patients to take an activated form of folic acid.  This is just one example of 635 genes that Opus 23 analyzes and could possibly affect your health.

We’ll be able to predict and prevent certain types of diseases based on your own unique DNA.  We can do this with a combination of dietary recommendations and natural product supplementations, and currently, we have over 343 natural medicines that can modulate 784 genes.  We’ll also be able to determine more about your ABO Blood type (pedigree) and discover your other blood types (Duffy, MN, Lewis B, etc), which have a tremendous impact on your health outcomes.  We will have ways of discovering more information about how you detox, regulate inflammation, how your brain functions, how you turn on and off genes, and how your metabolism works.

In the Fall of 2015, we will begin offering Genetic Counseling visits to our existing COE patients. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the front desk at 203-366-0526 and ask to sign up for a Genetic Counseling visit.