An Important Message from Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo

After over three decades, I've decided to step away from clinical practice and concentrate on academic research and software development. Although I've loved and enjoyed the personal contact, which for many of you has extended for that entire length of time, I believe that concentrating on developing the next generation of tools for tomorrow's naturopathic physicians is a wise use of my remaining years.

Effective August 1, 2018, the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine (COE) will move from 115 Broad Street to the third floor of the Health Sciences building at the University of Bridgeport (right across the street). The COE teaching shifts will continue, overseen by my trusted team of physicians.
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Naturopathic medicine is the future of healing, and personalized nutrition is the future of naturopathic medicine. An individualized approach to the patient is a key to unlocking many of the latent healing powers of the body. It allows the physician the ability to treat the patient, not the disease, a tenet of healing wisdom as ancient as its source, the great physician Hippocrates. Welcome to the official website of the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine, (COE) where Dr. Peter D'Adamo and his staff of expert physicians use a blend of unique cutting-edge technologies and time-honored healing wisdom to help each patient achieve their ultimate health goals. Be it the management of complex diseases, metabolic and weight-loss support, anti-aging strategies, or general health optimization and prevention; the COE, a recognized world-leader in naturopathic medicine is here to help.

Introducing Opus 23

Beginning September 2015 the COE will offer nutrigenomic consults using our unique Opus23 software, conceived and programmed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Opus 23 will give COE physicians unparalleled insight into into a patient's genetic susceptibilities.

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Scheduling An Appointment

An individualized approach to the patient is a key to unlocking many of the latent healing powers of the body. Under the guidance of Dr. D'Adamo COE patients enjoy the benefits of cost effective and cutting-edge treatment while also one-to-one care and support.

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Learn More About The COE

The Center of Excellence uses software, treatments and formulations that have been programmed and custom-designed by Dr. D'Adamo. These tools are unique to the COE and insure a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind patient experience.

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Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health

In December, COE staff physician Dr. Robert Brody travelled to Panajachel, Guatemala with Naturopathic Medicine for Global Health (NMGH) to provide medical care to people in this poverty stricken area. NMGH is an organization that promotes naturopathic medicine as a feasible and costeffective means of healthcare in developing countries with a unique, sustainable health care

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Spring Detox

It’s official. Spring Is Here! Spring flowers breaking through the still cold earth are powerful evidence of rebirth. Warm sun pushing out the last vestiges of winter’s cold and longer days help us forget the season of darkness. Spring is truly a time of transformation and new beginnings. What better way to aid this transformation

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