Physicians and Support Staff

Whether you are interested in improving your health by refining the techniques described in Eat Right 4 Your Type, The GenoType Diet or plan to use our resources to assist you in fighting a chronic disease, The Center of Excellence at the University of Bridgeport Health Science Center is ready to help.

Our facility blends time-honored natural healing techniques with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software personally written by Dr. D’Adamo to develop a genetically tailored diet specific for each patient. We take special pride in the level of follow-up care and support provided to our patients. We have an extensive network of referrals to other health professionals if needed. Our goal is to treat our patients as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We accept only as many patients as allow us to maintain our standards. Most major health conditions and all age groups are seen.

COE physicians are among the elite of natural medicine, highly trained in the principles of personalized medicine, and have completed a rigorous two-year postgraduate residency with Dr. D’Adamo. All are involved in ongoing clinical research in nutrigenomics. Each physician has extensive experience in direct patient care and in the handling of complex cases. Because they also clinical instructors in the naturopathic medical program, all are up-to-date in the latest developments in the fields of immunology, nutrition and genomics.


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Dr. Peter D'Adamo
Dr. Peter D’Adamo
Dr. Natalie Colicci
Dr. Natalie Colicci
Dr. Maria Zangara Naturopathic Physician 203 366-0526
Dr. Maria Zangara
Robert Brody, ND, MS Naturopathic Physician Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine 203-366-0526
Dr. Robert Brody
Dr. Meghan Gonick
Dr. Meghan Gonick


Resident Physicians

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Dr. Tara Nayak
Dr. Tegan Moore


Support Staff

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Barbara Shola
Megan Roscillo


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