Appointments now available for Fall 2018 Shifts

Our two teaching shifts are now accepting patients for the fall teaching semester.

Please contact the clinic at 203 366-0526 for dates and availabilities.

Introducing Opus 23

The COEGM offers nutrigenomic consults using our unique Opus23 software, conceived and programmed by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. Opus 23 will give COE physicians unparalleled insight into into a patient's genetic susceptibilities.

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Scheduling An Appointment

Under the guidance of physicians personally trained by Dr. D'Adamo and highly experienced in his work, COE patients enjoy the benefits of cost effective and cutting-edge treatment while also one-to-one care and support.

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Learn More About The COE

The Center of Excellence uses software, treatments and formulations that have been programmed and custom-designed by Dr. D'Adamo. These tools are unique to the COE and insure a truly personalized, one-of-a-kind patient experience.

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Dear Valued Patient:

I like to give you an update on the status of the COE. I’ve had numerous conversations with the leadership of the University of Bridgeport, and they are deeply committed to the Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine and to my continuing on as a faculty member and guiding visionary for the COE as well as the naturopathic program.

As part of UB’s commitment to the COE, we are remaining in place at 115 Broad, which means no physical changes to the COE, to the shifts, and to the continuing care that existing patients receive at the Center. The teaching shifts will continue, overseen by my trusted team of physicians, and once a month we’ll have a clinical roundtable with selected patient cases and files which I will participate in.

Although I will not have direct patient responsibilities, I am deeply committed to our providing the highest caliber of continuing care, and I’ll be having weekly office hours to meet with the physicians and front desk staff to insure that we are providing state of the art naturopathic and generative medicine care. As a patient who has chosen to continue their care at the COE, you’ll always be among the first to benefit from our program of developing new and cutting-edge diagnostic tests, software, and therapeutic protocols.

The evolution of our plans is a dream come true, as I always envisioned the COE to be a “think tank” of creativity for 21st century medicine. With this deep commitment from the University, and with my skilled team of the best and the brightest that naturopathic medicine has to offer, I believe we will become the game-changer I always wanted for the COE, combining world class care with revolutionary tools, to provide an unparalleled patient experience.

I will be knocking around the halls of the COE, so when you are in for a shift visit, I may see you. If I’m in my office, feel free to knock on the door.

In health,


Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo